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What is Key Club International?

Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students. What makes Key Club so successful is the fact that it is a student-led organization that teaches leadership through serving others. Key Club International is sponsored by Kiwanis International. KEY is short for Kiwanis Educated Youth. As members of the Kiwanis International Family, Key Club members build themselves as they build their schools and communities. Today, Key Club exists on almost 5,000 high school campuses, primarily in the United States. Growth efforts, however, have taken the Key Club experience internationally to Canada, the Caribbean nations, Central and South America, and most recently to Asia and Australia.

What is KIWIN'S?

KIWIN'S is the 32nd District of Key Club International. We are located in California, Nevada, and Hawaii. There are over 44 clubs with approximately 2,500 members and growing. We promote good citizenship through service. CNH KIWIN'S performs service deeds with fellow members to improve their schools and communities. Local service gives KIWIN'S members the satisfaction of seeing the results of their efforts. In most cases, CNH KIWIN'S clubs are based on a high school campus under the guidance of their Faculty Advisor(s). Some clubs may function off campus under the authority of their Kiwanis Advisor(s).

Why is CNH KIWIN'S spelled with all caps and an apostrophe?

​While some claim CNH KIWIN'S is grammatically incorrect, it is ALWAYS spelled in caps with an apostrophe. CNH KIWIN'S is not an acronym. However, it is written in all caps with the apostrophe to show its unique and individual spirit. The apostrophe is an accent to help CNH KIWIN'S standout, for it is unlike any other youth sponsored organization. When written in all caps, KIWIN'S certainly is conspicuous...this represents how CNH KIWIN'S is prominent in the school and community. The word "Kiwin" is the diminutive of the word "Anokiwin," which translates to "people, men and women, working together in service." It is derived from the same Otchipew Indian language as Kiwanis.

What are the objectives of Key club International?

  • To develop initiative and leadership.
  • To provide experience in living and working together.
  • To serve the school and community.
  • To cooperate with the school principal.
  • To prepare for useful citizenship.
  • To accept and promote the following ideals:
  • To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life.
  • To encourage the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.
  • To promote the adoption and application of higher standards in scholarship, sportsmanship and social contacts.
  • To develop, by precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship.
  • To provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render unselfish service, and to build better communities.
  • To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, and good will.

How is CNH KIWIN'S organized?

CNH KIWIN'S consists of three 'levels' of organization: Club Level: Each CNH KIWIN'S Club is required to hold weekly meetings to keep members informed on projects community service. Students elect officers each year or semester. The Club Board of Directors, consisting of officers and chairpersons, determine the Club's various service deeds and delegates authority to committees and members. Divisional Level: Each of the nine CNH KIWIN'S Divisions is headed by a Lieutenant Governor who functions on the Divisional District level. The Lt. Governor is responsible for the welfare of the clubs in their division. They hold Divisional Council Meetings where members from all the clubs in the division meet and discuss Divisional and District business. Club officers are trained and divisional projects are also planned. District Level: The District Board consists of nine Lt. Governors; the Executive Board of the District Governor - Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor -, Convention Chair, Membership Development and Education Chair ,Technology Chair, Kiwanis Family and Foundations Chair, and Awards Chair. Each division has its own Kiwanis Regional Advisor and the District has its District Administrator. Above the District Level is the International Level, where the CNH KIWIN'S District and other Districts are collectively called Key Club International. Think of the 'levels' as an inverted pyramid as KIWIN'S has the most members at a club level, but only a select few at the district level.

What are the KIWIN'S divisions?

Currently, the active divisions are:

  • Crystal
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Goldstone
  • Jade
  • Jet
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Turquoise
More information about the divisions can be found in the 'divisions' tab under 'district.'

What is The CNH KIWIN'S major emphasis?

"Children: Their Future, Our Focus. Live2Learn" Realizing the need and interest in supporting the MEP through hands on service, a new service initiative will be created on a two-year basis. All of the hands on service provided to children by Key Club International members can be directed to a single area of need to make a substantial impact. This service initiative directs and focuses the attention of CNH KIWIN'S members to serve children in a specific hands-on approach. CNH KIWIN'S members currently will focus their time and talents on Live2Learn, specifically focused on 5-9 year old youth, with the main goals of promoting education and building literacy skills. This program not only creates endless possibilities to strengthen the common goal of service, but also allows each KIWIN'S member to develop into a well-rounded individual community leader and lifelong advocate for children's education.

What is the CNH KIWIN'S minor emphasis?

"Pediatric Trauma Prevention" Established in 1992, Pediatric Trauma Prevention, our Minor Emphasis, is a main focus of CNH KIWIN'S in conjunction with Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis. Pediatric Trauma affects children from infancy to age nineteen. It is a result of motor vehicle accidents, physical abuse, drowning accidents, falls, and animal bites, making it the leading cause of death of children in the United States. Every year it results in sixteen million emergency visits and twenty thousand deaths. To prevent these accidents and injuries from happening, CNH KIWIN'S has focused on fighting Pediatric Trauma through raising funds and by increasing general awareness through education.

What is the Governor's Project?

Governor Angela Batoon has announced that the Governor's Project is in partner with Unicef.

What are the branches of the K-family?

The branches of the K-family are:

  • Kiwanis
  • Circle K
  • Key Club
  • Builders Club
  • K-Kids
  • Kiwanis Junior and Aktion Club

What is the CNH KIWIN'S motto?

One Family. One Mission. One Word: KIWIN'S.

What are the objectives of CNH KIWIN'S?

The objectives of CNH KIWIN'S are:

  • To promote leadership development
  • To cooperate with school administrators and faculty members
  • To champion the role of service within our community
  • To prepare for a positive, active role in society
  • To encourage the growth and development of our peers
  • To form meaningful and lasting relationships
  • To nurture relationships with the Kiwanis Family

Where can CNH KIWIN'S be found?

California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

How many members does CNH KIWIN'S have?

KIWIN'S has around 2,500 members and counting!

How many clubs are in CNH KIWIN'S?

51 chartered clubs and counting!

Who are CNH KIWIN'S preferred charities?

UNICEF, March of Dimes, and Children's Miracle Network.

What are the steps to building a CNH KIWIN'S club?

Step 1: Find a Kiwanis Sponsor. Step 2: Find a Prospective School. Step 3: Hold a joint meeting with the school and the Kiwanis. Step 4: Hold elections. Step 5: Submit a charter request.

What is the minimum number of members needed to charter a club?

15 members.

How much are dues?

International dues: U.S. $7.00 District dues: U.S. $7.00 Club: average U.S. $14.00

What does CNH KIWIN'S support?

Club mailings Member communication and administration Leadership development resources Major Emphasis Program Materials about service partners Convention planning and promotion

What is CNH KIWIN'S week?

CNH KIWIN'S Week is a week that focuses on promoting CNH KIWIN'S and seeking media coverage. Hence, CNH KIWIN'S becomes a household name. Each day of CNH KIWIN'S Week places an emphasis on service; including a CNH KIWIN'S Week fundraising project.

Who is the current CNH KIWIN'S district administrator?

Mr. Mahmood Bashir is the current CNH KIWIN'S district administrator.

What are MRFs?

MRFs are Monthly Report Forms that the secretaries must turn in every month to their Lt. Governors, who then turn them into the District Secretary.

What is the youth opportunity fund (YOF)?

The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is an endowed fund for Key Club International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. ​This fund uses earned interest to help Key Clubs and Key Club members serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities. The fund also provides academic scholarships for higher education. The Youth Opportunities Fund is established through a portion of your Key Club International dues and through the purchase of G. Harold Martin Fellowships. ​YOF grants can help you take action. Look around and identify the things that need to get done in your school, community or world. Key clubs have applied for grant funds to support many varied service projects—see some examples.


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