What is Fall Rally?

Fall Rally is an event where KIWIN'S members from all over California come together to raise awareness of and to support the Pediatric Trauma Program.

The Pediatric Trauma Program, commonly known as PTP, is a foundation that works to protect children from preventable injuries. It is our minor emphasis. 

At Fall Rally, attendees participate in cheering, ice breakers, penny wars, pieing district board, and much more! 

Jade and Sapphire attend Fall Rally North, which is held in Northern California. 

Crystal, Diamond, Emerald, Goldstone, Jet, Ruby, and Turquoise attend Fall Rally South. After the rally, members can attend Knott's Berry Farm.

In order to attend Fall Rally, attendees must fill out the interest form. You can also pre-order a Fall Rally T-Shirt with this form. 

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