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Executive Board Members are elected by representatives at the House of Delegates during District Convention. Each club chooses delegates to cast votes on their behalf.

Carmen Tan.jpg

Carmen Tan

District Governor

Damon Le_edited.jpg

Damon Le

District Secretary

Ivan Tran.JPG

Ivan Tran

District Treasurer

Arabella Abutin.JPG

Arabella Abutin

District Bulletin Editor



Lieutenant Governors (LTGs) are elected by their respective Divisions during conclave. Lieutenant Governors work to represent their Division and facilitate their growth and service.

Hannah Lee.JPG

Hannah Lee

Crystal LTG

Jessica Nguyen.JPG

Jessica Nguyen


Olivia Lam.JPG

Olivia Lam

Diamond LTG

Rosmar Martinez.JPG

Rosmar Martinez

Ruby LTG

Tejaswini Kanaparthy.jpg

Tejaswini Kanaparthy

Emerald LTG

Cynthia Messing.jpg

Cynthia Messing

Sapphire LTG

Olivia Rizk.JPG

Olivia Rizk

Goldstone LTG

Hazel Villapando.JPG

Hazel Villapando

Turquoise LTG

Gio Barragan.JPG

Giovanna Barragan

Jade LTG



Appointed Board is comprised of individuals filling specialized roles. CNH KIWIN'S members may apply at the beginning of each term through an application and interview process. Selections are made by the District Governor, with the approval of the District Board & District Administrator.

Maya Yates.jpg

Maya Yates

Awards & Recognition Chair

Tina Le.jpg

Tina Le

Convention Chair

Katrina Liang.JPG

Katrina Liang

Kiwanis Family & Foundations Chair

Lucia Wong.jpg

Lucia Wong

Membership Development & Education Chair

Jinhee Lee.jpg

Jinhee Lee

Technology Chair



Key Club International is led by the International Board of Trustees, which is typically composed of the International President, International Vice-President, and 11 International Trustees (Trustees being assigned to three districts and also assigned to serve on various committees within the board). Furthermore, the International Council is composed of the International Board, as well as the District Governor from each of the 33 organized Districts. International Board members are elected at the annual international convention, also known as ICON. 


In this term of service (2022-2023), the international trustee is Hope Roundcount.