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officer report forms and call forms

*All released report forms are due at the end of the month.*

When are forms released?
The PRF/VPRF and TRF are released 5 days before the due date.

What if we have multiple people in one position (ex. co-presidents)?

Only one submission needs to be made, so you can either work together to complete the form or make one person fill it out. 


What if we don't have a certain officer on our board?

If you have a vacancy, another officer should fill out the vacant officer's report form.

Where's the ARF?

The ARF is no longer a required report form this year. Instead, editors will post photos/videos of any events on their club social media. In the caption, include #kiwinsforyou and the name of the event. You may also include a short description of the event, activities done, funds raised, quotes, etc. It is highly suggested to post event photos after every held event and at least once a month. You can also include this hashtag in photos from meetings, DCMs, and of member recognition.