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What is Live2Learn?

Realizing the need and interest in supporting the Major Emphasis Program through hands on service, a new service initiative will be created on a two-year basis. All of the hands on service provided to children by Key Club International members can be directed to a single area of need to make a substantial impact. This service initiative directs and focuses  the attention of KIWIN'S members to serve children in a specific hands-on approach.  

What to do about the Major Emphasis?

CNH KIWIN'S members currently will focus their time and talents on Live2Learn, specifically focused on 5-9 year old youth, with the main goals of promoting education and building literary skills. This program not only creates endless possibilities to strengthen the common goal of service, but also allows each CNH KIWIN'S member to develop into a well-rounded individual community leader and lifelong advocate for children's education. 

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