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Our mission is to build a better future for our children by providing scholarships and leadership training to
college and high school students; grant funding to our Kiwanis clubs and a select group of children’s
hospitals; and through our innovative Pediatric Trauma Program.

Scholarships- We award scholarships to student leaders, enabling these students to continue their education at a
college, university, trade school, or vocational school.

Leadership Training - We fund the leadership development and training for hundreds of high school and college students, providing them with the tools and techniques to become effective leaders and award scholarships to students wishing to attend Key Leader, a weekend experiential leadership program for high school students.

Community Grants - We award grants to Kiwanis clubs within our three-state district, enabling them to provide
hands-on service to their communities.
Pediatric Trauma Program - We prevent childhood injuries by providing outreach, education, and materials to children and their families and by providing grants to our Kiwanis clubs to create new injury-prevention outreach programs. We collaborate with six children's hospitals to prevent unintentional injuries to thousands of children and improve the outcomes for injured children by providing grants to the hospitals, enabling them to provide their communities with educational materials, safety equipment, and information on childhood injury prevention; offer advanced pediatric training for medical personnel; and purchase specialized pediatric medical equipment.


This year, CNH KIWIN'S Key Club is proud to present our collaboration with CNH Key Club on Kiwanis Family Pediatric Trauma Program Week!

By partnering with the CNH Districts, CNH KIWIN'S is able to widen the range of awareness for pediatric traum
a which is the leading cause of preventable deaths in children ages 4-19. With the help of the CNH Kiwanis Family and the grants that they provide us, we are able to assist our partner hospitals in Oakland, San Diego, Loma Linda, Madera, Honolulu, and Reno by supplying them with the right materials and spreading awareness. You can help by participating in this year's 

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